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Godly Friendship, Love And Courtship Among Sincere Christian Believers - World Over!!!
submitted wednesday 4 february 2016 by Deleted member /s/Religion    report abuse

Being evenly yoked with one, or people who neither share nor regard your sacred passion [FAITH] most assuredly leads to PROFANITY!

One cardinal lesson of nature is that "lives gets attracted to and also begets their kind"

Can there be a perfect match between. an Ewe and a Billy-goat or what common factor - exists between. The pig and peacock other than the letter "P"

So, if your passion for Godliness- in Christ is sacrosanct above every other earthly consideration, I implore you to identify with this forum post, let's build a bridge across national divides and a formidable connection among sincere seeking believers, devoid of ethnic and racial bigotry.


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