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The True Identity, Comeliness And Relevance Of Any Human Depends On His/her Spiritual Integrity!
submitted wednesday 4 february 2016 by Deleted member /s/Religion    report abuse

Charming physical looks and comely attributes and glittery things of this world: might be as illusionary as a mirage, and deceptive as the seeming friendly mask of a ravenous monster!

But as a child of God: who seek immortality and the eternal repose of your darling soul after your Earthly sojourn, please never fail to seek and embrace the heavenly- Kingdom values in friends, because, being evenly yoked with the ungodly leads unto profanity! Also, in all your daily endeavors, acknowledge God and give Him glory: in every situation.
-Eph. 6: 11; Hos.10: 12-14
Knowing fully well that life and true happiness does not consist in the abundance of one's wealth, physical or any Earthly endowment. see- Luke 12:15;

I therefore, believe strongly that the true identity, relevance, and abiding comeliness of any person, thing, or business solely depends on his or her spiritual integrity, because, "the flesh profiteth nothing" - John 6: 63; 2Pet. 3:10-14..

Thanks for your time.

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