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Day 5 - Free Training On Internet Business And Blogging-types Of Online Business Part 1 - Affiliate Marketing
submitted thursday 20 november 2015 by Jeaf2000 /s/Webmasters    report abuse

Pals welcome to Day 5 of this series.As i said online business can be profitable venture but all the types of online business you can do have their profitability,complexity and speed at which you can make money.While some can generate returns in 6 months time,some will give you profits in the first 2-3 months of full work after you start.

Some examples of online businesses that can be done here in Ghana are blogging, affiliate marketing, web consulting, social media marketing, e-commerce, information marketing, web hosting business, domain registration and hosting, web design and hosting, domain parking, website flipping, freelance jobs, Customized SMS etc.

Some of these businesses can be very lucrative if you know how to do them properly. Because of space, I will not be able to talk about all of these various businesses in this course so I will just focus on the three of them that have generated the most money for me since I started online business.

I currently makes an average of GHC1500 every month from a combination of just the two businesses out of the three business which I shall talk about in the next three lesson so I advice you to pay close attention if you truly want to succeed in online business.Today, I make most of my money from doing five main online businesses viz:

1) Affiliate Marketing & Flipping

2) Freelancing

3) Blogging

4) Web Consulting

5) Information Marketing

But in this e-Training, I will only be taking you through AFFILIATE MARKETING, BLOGGING & WEB CONSULTING&BLOG WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT.

Now let us take a closer look at the first one of these three businesses:

****Amazon Affiliate Marketing

In Amazon affiliate marketing, you will be referring people to the world’s largest online store and you get commissions when people buy products through your link. You can start with a free website and no other extra cost.

In affiliate marketing, the focus is on selecting good, profitable products from, creating a review webpage for the product and driving traffic to that page by improving its search engine rankings.


A review is a post or page that contains details about a product including its good and bad sides and also recommendations as to whether the product is good enough to buy or not.
The whole process can be broken down into three steps viz:

Step 1: Select a good quality, high commission product and generate your affiliate links for that product. This could takeyou 48 hours to a week to complete this step.

Step 2: Create a very high quality review post or page packed full of useful, valuable and unique information about the product. Sprinkled inside the review will be your affiliate links leading to where the product can be bought. It could take a week or two to complete this step.

Step 3: Build quality links from other websites to the review page to increase the rankings of the page. You may also need to write a handful of articles that are related to the product that you are promoting and link these articles to the product review page. This is the most challenging step and could take up to 6 months for you to complete.

The downside about doing affiliate marketing in Ghana is that if you are just starting out, you have to wait for many months (sometimes even up to one year!) before you can receive your first payment in a form that you can actually withdraw and spend. This long delay is not always the case and is mainly due to the nature in which Ghanaian affiliate marketers get paid which is through cheque.

This cheque, which is a foreign cheque is sent by post from the USA (or whichever country the merchant company is located. If you are lucky, this cheque could take only a short time to get to you. And it will take an additional 21 days for it to be cleared and lodged in your account for withdrawal.

Things are easier for people living outside Ghana as there are faster payment options available in many other countries but not available in Ghana. Although other ways of receiving payment exist for Ghanaians, the cheque is the most viable one that can be used at this time.

Because this is an introductory course, the step by step details of how to do affiliate marketing are beyond the scope of this mini-course Detailed tutorials and guides on how to perform the above three steps and how to select the best payment method for affiliate marketing are taught in one of my mentors Video Tutorial e-book, i might give out .Just be calm and stay with the course.

Despite the long delay in getting your first cheque, affiliate marketing still remains the one with the greatest long term prospects because once you are able to have everything set up, it only requires very little maintenance and it will continue to receive a continuous stream of free traffic and growing revenues from search engines like Google.

This is truly what is known as making money on autopilot. Whether you are asleep or awake or on holidays, the website will continue to generate cash for you without you taking any action or doing anything.
I have started as an affiliate with adnation had to wait for 1year because of traffic. Will be going Adsense soon.

As a beginner with affiliate marketing, it is wise to set your revenue goals on a low target like $70 or $100. Once you are able to hit $100 in commissions every month, you can be rest assured that your affiliate business is set to see steady growth.

A word of caution though, getting to $100 may take you many many months maybe even up to a year especially if it is your first time. The beginning of affiliate marketing, it is wise to set your revenue goals on a low target like $70 or $100. Once you are able to hit $100 in commissions every month, you can be rest assured that your affiliate business is set to see steady growth.

A word of caution though, getting to $100 may take you many many months maybe even up to a year especially if it is your first time. The beginning of affiliate marketing is often very slow and full of uncertainty and anxiety from not knowing whether all your effort will pay off or whether you aren't just wasting your time.
Success is not something that happens overnight therefore you should not expect too much too soon.

All you need is patience, perseverance , faith and prayers.


Hope you have learn something great about AFFILIATE MARKETING? (You can read from the begining again or SEARCH THE INTERNET FOR MORE.)

Tomorrow, we will look at the other online business that can fetch you an average of GHC2000 on a monthly basis. This business
is very popular in Ghana. I will explain in brief how it is been done and how you can also get started.

This business is guaranteed to bring you profits too within 3 or 6 months of starting it so make sure you keep a date with me. Do not miss out.

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