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Day 4 - Free Training On Internet Business And Blogging - How Soon Will You Start Making Money?
submitted monday 17 november 2015 by Jeaf2000 /s/Webmasters    report abuse

Welcome to Day**4 of this course short one because we are gradually moving towards the climax of this course when we shall be talking in more detail about some specific online businesses that you can do, what you need to start them and how much to expect.

Today I will be talking about how much you can make blogging online and the duration you should expect these profit.

Online business can be trickish sometimes. You will do the hard work and you will get little returns and I always say it depends on where you got your information from. Some online business can make you money in the weeks of beginning and some need about 6-9 months before you can start making between GHC 500 – GHC 1000 and over. The longer you dey for the business the more the cash flows if you implement what you learnt from your mentor well.

Most of the internet businesses that can get you instant cash require you to invest a little amount in paid online you to invest a little amount in paid online advertising and the more advertising you are able to pay for, the greater the likelihood that you will begin to turn in profits within a short time. On the other hand, the types that don't require any investment usually take some months to grow (9 to 18 months) before you can expect returns in the range of GHC500 to GHC2,000 (depending on how serious you are).

The free no-expense online business take time to build up and make huge profits.You will make money but not all that huge.

A wise friend of mine once told this calls for re-investment of your meager proceeds into your business to make big profits and this idea is also true but not all will agree with me so, I leave it to you, either you will eat all your maize before they grow or you will sacrifice depends on you.

Making money online depends on the traffic you can generate to your page and you need someone with the skills to teach you the nitty gritty about traffic generation. This number can be drastically increased through the use of free/paid online advertising on websites like Facebook, Google etc

In essence, although paid advertising is not mandatory for online business success, without it you should generally expect to wait much longer before your business will start turning in any reasonable profits. Luckily, online advertising can be very cheap and effective compared to other mediums like newspapers etc.

In tomorrow and next tomorrow's lessons, I shall be taking a closer look at the top four online businesses that are generating the greatest revenue for me. One of them you don't need any capital to start and the other you need a minimum capital to start properly. I will describe to you how they are done and how much you are required to invest at the onset.

Till tomorrow then. Have a great day ahead!

Until then do not forget to leave your comment. I want to see the impact am making.

P.S: Please Pals do you know anyone who might also benefit from this course? We want as many people as possible to benefit from this information so please don't keep it to yourself. Tell the person to like our Facebook page.

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Philemon saturday 24 april 2016
am with you carry on .....
Ojo friday 5 march 2016
Keep It Up.
Lasarus thursday 29 january 2016
that's good I would like to hear more about business

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