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Day 3 - Free Training On Internet Business And Blogging - Things Required For The Online Business Venture - Part 2
submitted monday 10 november 2015 by Jeaf2000 /s/Webmasters    report abuse

Welcome to day 3 of new opportunities and possibilities. Online business is not a complicated venture to enter as people make it seem.Anyone from the jobless graduate, Student, Worker, Self employed or even Gainfully employed,can engage in the business. Today we shall be learning the necessary things my mentor said is needed for you to start online business.

Online business can be done by anyone with minimal computer knowledge and access to the internet. You do not need to be a computer wizard to be able to do online business. Being able to read and access your e-mail makes you qualified to onlne business.The magic about online business as soon as it is set up only little maintainance is needed.That means you can do it in your spare time.
Now to our question things that are needed:
1.Knowledge about how to use a computer
2.Ability to browse online by yourselg with no supervision
3.Access to internet cafe(Private or cybercafe browsing.

In online business you do not need to have your own laptop or computer for you to engage in it.You can use public computer and internet access.Phone can be used sometimes but it not compatible with some programs which are pc based but when setup you can use your phone somtimes to update it.
Before I mention what is needed to start, I must also warn you seriously that making money online is not easy at all and is not child's play. Please don’t let anybody deceive you into thinking otherwise just because they want you to buy their e-book or software.
Most times the gains of online business do not come immediately especially if you are new to it and you usually need to keep working and learning for up to 3months -1 year, maybe more before you will start seeing great profits.
The good side of it is that once you gather enough experience and start making money, it will keep on increasing and increasing every month while your work load will keep decreasing and decreasing. Truly it is a beautiful thing and there is no other business like it in existence today. Hahahaha
To start online business you need to first LEARN how it is done. This is the main reason why many people don’t succeed at their first few attempts. They do not realise that there are certain things that they need to learn first before they can have any chance of success. The learning process will take you about 1 - 3 months depending on how fast you can learn and how determined you are to make money.

Online business is a large field of knowledge which is comprised of seven major areas. I like to call them the 7 branches of online business. Before you can make money online in Ghana or anywhere else in the world, you need to have working knowledge of each of these seven fields which make up the online business body of knowledge. They are:
1. Blog, Website Design and hosting (free and paid)
2. Keyword research
3. Search Engine Optimization
4. Content creation and Copywriting
5. Internet Marketing and Advertising.
6. Basic Web programming with basic Graphics.
7. Capturing subscribers and building lists.

Although it is not compulsory to become a master in all the seven, it will help you a great deal if you possess an understanding of these fields before making your first serious attempt at online business, if not it will take you a much longer time to start getting regular monthly returns. The challenge for you therefore is to learn and practice these fields as much as you can to speed up your time to profits. (But don't worry, i will teach you all within two days, YES, I mean... Just keep calm and continue with this training till the end Nov 10)

Following is a list of the major tools you need to have and some more things that you need to know before you can start online business in Ghana and Africa:

1. An email address
2. A USB Flash drive to store your files, software and downloads (if you do not have your own computer)
3. A normal savings or current or corporate account with any bank here in Ghana
4. A iciliary account (you do not need to have this before you start, you will only need it when you are about to get paid. This can be up to 6 months or more after you start).
5. You need paypal, web money, perfect money or bitcoin (Not compulsory while starting, i will guide you on how to get one when it's time)
6. At least 5 to 10 hours every week. For the first three months, your whole time will be dedicated to reading the necessary books and practicing. When you have learnt all that you need to learn, you can then go ahead and begin in earnest. The more time you can put in, the faster you will cover what needs to be learned.
7. If you are busy, you can try for one or two hours every day.
8. You will need to be online to practice what you read in the books. Between 5 to 20 hours of internet time per week is OK.
9. If you do not have your own computer, you can store the materials and e-books in your flash so that you can access them from any computer.

It is not easy to give a specific figure for the amount of time that you need to spend on the Internet while doing online business because different online businesses have different tasks and requirements.

A simple fact though is that the amount of time you are willing to spend online putting things in order and doing further research will greatly impact how far you can go and how much you make.

At the onset, you will definitely need to get online frequently. This is because you will need time to lay the necessary foundation and configure the necessary software and applications for whichever businesses you chose to do.

Most online businesses may require anything from 20 total hours to 100 total hours during the setup stage. How you chose to spread out this time is up to you. It could take days, weeks or months depending on the particular business. After setup however, it takes considerably less time to maintain and monitor.
The actual time that you will spend will depend on your technical ability, how much work is required for that particular business and how fast you can do the necessary set up. The good thing though is that as you progress and get used to it, it will become easier to do and demand less of your time. Eventually you will grow to the stage where your businesses will be generating huge incomes with minimal input from you.
For example, I can afford not to get online for two weeks or more yet there will not be any change in how much money I make daily. This is one of the best things about online business. Because most of the work can be automated, all it takes in most cases is for you to invest your time and energy during the startup stage. As long as the system has been set up properly, the amount of effort and time investment will reduce gradually over time.
The above is however not true for a business like Forex Trading. Forex trading requires you to spend a great deal of time on the Internet every week day. But I do not recommend FOREX trading for a beginner because it requires a lot of technical skill and experience to be able to succeed or else you lose all your investment. I therefore view it as too risky a venture for a beginner so I don't talk about it in my training or seminars.

Some online businesses can be started without any capital, while some require a little startup capital. Even though there are certain online businesses that do not require any capital to start out, don't forget that you must still incur costs from accessing the Internet.
One common mistake many people venturing into online business make is that they fail to take into consideration the cost of regularly buying time at a cybercafe or paying for their internet service. This is one of the ways that many of these so called gurus use in deceiving people. They will tell you that their method will not cost you anything to start and that you can make millions by spending nothing. But they fail to tell you that there will, of necessity, be certain costs associated with your internet access which you should budget for.
Pals I must therefore warn you that unless you have completely free access to the Internet, you must take into consideration your browsing costs even though the actual business itself may not require money to start up. So while planning your budget, make sure that you will have access to funding for your browsing costs for as long as it takes before you start making money.
In few days, we shall look at the top three online businesses that are generating the most cash for me and I will tell you the minimum amount of money needed to start up with them. For now just remember that whatever business you chose to do, you must not forget to budget for internet access costs and any other external expenses associated with your access to the Internet like fuel, transport etc
That is all for today. In tomorrow's lesson, we shall look at how long it takes before you can expect to start getting any returns from online business.

See you tomorrow!

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Jeffreysjb sunday 16 november 2015
That's cool. I like it.
Jeaf2000 monday 17 november 2015
tank u

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