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Day 2 - Free Training On Internet Business And Blogging - Why Do Most People Fail In The Online Venture-developing The Online Business Mentality?
presentada jueves 6 noviembre 2015 por Jeaf2000 /s/Webmasters    denunciar un abuso

Welcome to the Day 2 of this powerful revelation series on internet business which I learnt from my mentor. Online business in Ghana and Africa as a whole can be lucrative and very rewarding if done well. There are plenty of People failing in online biz because of one or two things lacking in their IQ about online business and I do not blame them,

Before I go into details into the real thing I need to remove the misconception about online business. My mentor one day in a seminar said to us that without the passion for what you do you can never succeed. The following is what brings most webmasters to the failure table of internet business.

Most people don't make money from online business in Ghana due to three main reasons:

1.Wrong information has been the order of the day.Many self acclaimed internet GURU spread the wrong gospel about internet business.They do this because one way or the other they have failed in the venture due to lack of real information from well proven webmaster.This leads them to greediness which unsuspecting people who want easy way to make money quick fall for their pranks. They will always give you the unfinished product which lead them to failure and this automatically will make you a failure. They do not have any proven credentials tagged to their name. For you to succeed, you need to learn from people who have actually done this thing and succeeded. Learn from their experience and valuable insights.

2. Laziness is also causing failures in online business also. This usually happens to those who learnt the business for free. Free things are not regarded in the book of knowledge. Not all people treasure free gift that is why something have to be sold. Free gift are always trial version to some people but that shouldn't be the problem. Things that are free should be cherished gifts for life because if you had spent a fortune for the gift it won't be a trail version for you. In fact blogging is a serious business which all seriousness should be accompanied.

3. Patience is the key if you will like to blog. There is no business in this world that can pump money into your pocket in day 2 it will take sometime. The problem is many fake GURUS give the impression to people that they can make money in a jiffy without doing any thing which is a scam. It can only be true in some extreme cases. In online business result can be very volatile especially if you do not have a mentor with a proven track record it will take long to realize any tangible returns on your investment. You may fail one or two in your road to stardom but rise up if you do.

With some online business you can start making money in 9-12 months before you can start making anything tangible yields or result.

Although there is a certain kind of business that can actually get you profits within a few weeks, the majority of online businesses typically take between 9 and 12 months before you can expect to start seeing any tangible yields and results.

Until then, it's virtually all sweat with little returns. The only way you can speed the process up is to spend money on advertising. But if you want to follow the free, no-expense, no-capital method, then you need to prepare yourself to wait for 9 to 12 months or more before you can expect anything above GHC400 or GHC500 regularly.

Some people are not ready to wait for a year. They forget that if they don't take action and start something today, they may still be looking for a job one year from now. One year is a short time and the sooner you start the better.

Even if you are a worker, student or otherwise currently engaged in some occupation or activity that takes up your time, you can still do it part time. Online business has the long term potential to give you revenues many times higher than what you will ever receive as a salary earner.

Therefore the earlier you start out on the journey, the better because, sincerely Pals, time no dey again.

For you to really succeed in online bizness you need to have the right mentality towards it. It is then you can be successful in the venture. To succeed in the bizness all doubt about failure in your mind should be pushed away from your thought and the right mentality to successful business should be cultivated in your mind.

1.Have the correct mindset toward doing online business. It then you can succeed online and make huge money. You must set goals for your project and try as much as possible to meet them. Improve on your skills and do not expert too much too soon from your business. Pals, this could also be your story. Imagine having the money to do anything you want to do. You can take care of your family ,your children, your parents, build your own house, settle down and get married (if you are still single). Therefore you must continually tell yourself that you will succeed in your online business and that you are prepared to do whatever it takes no matter how long it takes you. Develop this mentality and pretty soon, you will become rich beyond your wildest imagination.

2.You must use the right methods from a mentor that have been proven to work and you must continue to experiment, refine and seek out information and better methods that will generate the most gains from the least effort.

3.This third pillar has proved to be controversial for some of my critics because it recommends religion or a strong belief in a higher being or a higher cause as being a success factor for online business. But I always tell these critics that I speak from my own experience. I have come to understand that a vital aspect of man's success and prosperity lies greatly in how much he/she believes in and is motivated by a noble cause or a higher intelligence. Having a motivating force is vital for online business success.

I attribute the entirety of my success to Almighty God. He is my motivator and I look up to Him for guidance, inspiration and support. Every single piece of knowledge in my brain was brought my way by Him and He also gave me the intelligence to understand the information and put it to profitable use. I give generous offerings, give alms and give aid to the needy and underprivileged according to what He asks of us. I'm not blowing my trumpet but I'm trying to make a point. Give and it shall be given unto you is a law of nature. The more you give, the more you get in return.

I do not mean to say that you must be a Christian or muslim to succeed. What I mean is that you should believe in a higher power other than yourself. This power you must look up to for help, motivation and inspiration. Psychologists have confirmed that a strong belief in something, usually a higher power, can bring about strong changes and trigger the processes that cause our strongest desires to happen. No matter what religion you belong to, you must go the extra mile to do the things required of you to ensure the success of your activities. You must also learn to give to others in cash and kind according to your beliefs.

A mentor is someone whom you can continually look up to for advice and guidance. This must be someone who has actually made (and is still making) money from online business. There are many of these possible mentor types online both in foreign lands and few here in Ghana. Although the most successful guys are actually the foreigners like Jeremy Shoemoney, Darren Rowse,Linda Ikeja a Nigerian etc.

All of these people are accessible through their websites and as you go along, you will definitely come accross more of them. You don't have to stick with one mentor. In my case, I learn from all of them to better myself and I suggest you do the same oo.

And that brings us to the end of today's lesson. Sunday we shall look at the things that you need in order to start up an online business so do keep a date with me.

Have a wonderful day...

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