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What Make Ladies To Fall In Love With A Guy? At List 5
submitted monday 20 october 2015 by Zaggros /s/Romance    report abuse

5 things that make ladies fall in love?

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Sydney thursday 23 october 2015
Ditto wednesday 28 january 2016
Micheal thursday 27 november 2015
1÷ maybe the guy is handsome
2÷ maybe the guy is intelligent
3÷ maybe the guy is kind caring person
4÷ maybe the guy is good in bed he gives her what she want
Pls complete the fifth one for me
Jerex2 sunday 4 april 2016
The number 5th thing is money
Is #HappySunday fans
Dapson sunday 30 november 2015
Maybe the guys has money.

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