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Why Do Married Women Use Vibr*tor During S*x With Their Man?
submitted saturday 4 october 2015 by Emmanuel /s/Romance    report abuse

Why do married women use vibrator during sex with their man?

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Naomi sunday 5 october 2015
1. Vibrators feel good. Vibrators tickle the nerves and build great tension in the g*nitals, which feels fantastic when it is released.

2. They are efficient. If a woman (or man, for that matter) feels a little too tired but still wants to have pleasure, a vibrator can help get the job done without much effort.

3. They help a woman understand her body. Stimulation with a vibrator can help a woman figure out just how much stimulation and where she needs it to have a good orgasm.

4. Different types can help someone explore all sorts of orgasm. There are vibrators for cl*toral, G-sp*t, and an*l play.

5. Vibrators are fun. They come in literally all different colors, shapes, and sizes.

6. Vibrators can help a man explore his g*nitals, too.
Zaggros monday 20 october 2015
Naomi it is true u are great.
Emmanuel monday 6 october 2015
What are the effect ?
Emmanuel sunday 5 october 2015
What are the side effect Naomi.
Randy saturday 11 october 2015
Yes, love it.
Coolbee thursday 8 april 2016
let me put my vibrator inside you maybe you will think other wise
Francis saturday 25 october 2015
will that woman ever reach climax and cum in her life without a vibrator,coz l can see a big problem here if one gets used to it.
Micheal thursday 27 november 2015
Well its good but if u get addicted to it den dey must be a side infect
Ian thursday 27 november 2015
Maybe ladies enjoy very much when using vibrator than having sex with we males..... Nowadays just few men satisfy their ladies during sex intercourse
Realmo wednesday 21 april 2016

real men

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