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Peter Benjamin  Sameer Solomon Kelvin Azuma Mathew Innocent

Fabulosky, 33 years old

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Nigeria, Lagos


About me
These little profile blurbs are just a stroke. If that in a painting ..we should all have our best friends just write this for us:)

I've preference and ideals,while I consider myself pretty open minded and accepting of cultures and beliefs.I have no problem laughing at myself,allowing you to be the expert,if you can pull it off and still fit your head through the door. I grow when I go against the grain,preferably. By choice -love to stretch that comfort zone.I value my intelligence regarding people and situations above formal education..I enjoy being sentimental and begin patient makes me happy.

No one's perfect,and I'm a big believer that if you're not good at it and want to be,you work on it.I appreciate people who are always improving and striving to be better versions of themselves..

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