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Where Are All The Nice Girls Who Don't Mind Being Friends With Benefits?
submitted friday 30 march 2013 by Naomi /s/Romance    report abuse

So, what does it take to establish a friend with benefits relationship with you chicks? I am willing to barter full body massages with happy endings.

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Gats24 monday 4 june 2013
Yes you are right...happy ending is needed in a relation ship.
Katlego tuesday 5 june 2013
I think both of you should jst heat it on.
Olusola tuesday 5 june 2013
what does it take to meet a sincere lady who really know what love entails.....
Ace Man tuesday 5 june 2013
you just prefer ladies???
Ukonze Valentine tuesday 5 june 2013
Hello,am a man.nd i need a lady who can take me as his.infact i can date wit her.
Wick Vandeto thursday 14 june 2013
a wonder too but for me t gets there unknowingly juz become real friends ata first the rest will flow
Habeeb Holalekan thursday 14 june 2013
yea you are right,happy ending is is the benefit of being in relationship but body massage is stupidity to me.i need a true love
Frank thursday 14 june 2013
Hello naomi, I believe u should ve watch d film friend with benefit to see how it ends. I see dat wen a man ve continous sex wit a particular woman, they becum so use wit one anoda, and even though there is no love at first, wit time it develop and both of dem will nt be able to live without d other, and dats when a happy ending cums in.
Olumidemustprog thursday 14 june 2013
to give your friend what she or he want
Deleted member thursday 14 june 2013
Naomi...The guys here sound as crazy as they look. I know what you mean about the happy ending. I'll have to pass on this one. Lol

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