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Does Age Really Matter In A Relationship?
submitted sunday 4 may 2015 by Evan6 /s/Romance    report abuse

We've heard it said that "age is just a number" for people who are dating. But that hasn't always been our experience. What do you think?

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Jimmy friday 26 september 2015
Age matters Nothing in Relationship is just a number
Thami wednesday 1 october 2015
it matters at times it depends on how far the distance btwn the two,and understanding also matters.
daniel sunday 12 october 2015
love is love..forget about age..age is just to know how far you are in life..mmmmmah
Tone thursday 23 october 2015
No not really.'s the respect you have for the person Does Age Really Matter In A Relationship?

Deleted member saturday 15 november 2015
NO, age is not a problem.
Steve sunday 30 november 2015
No age does not matter
Ceasar sunday 30 november 2015
Age is a number

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